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Organized by Tantum Executive Education
  • Date
    19-22 March 2018
  • Location
    Munich, Germany
  • Tickets
    8 - 12 Limited Group
  • Speakers
    2 Senior Strategy Management
Mar 2018
Munich, Germany
Strategy Management Best Practice Program
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Improve your Strategy Management practices and become a Certified Strategy Officer

Tantum Group is offering an International Executive Education Program to present and discuss all aspects of the entire strategy management process as well as exercise and  practice them in interactive sessions.
The program offers in addition, visits to successful German organizations that will show case their performance and management system. Participants will have a chance to develop a “project based learning” assignment during these visits, with the goal of analysing and proposing enhancements for presented challenges and improvement opportunities. Participants will also have the possibility to submit a final certification exam to become a Strategy Management Officer – CSMO.


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Become a Certified Strategy Management Officer

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Meet Our Speakers

The program will be presented by Mathias Mangels and Georg Reygers founders and partners of the Tantum Group European Offices with more than 20 years’ experience in Strategy Management. Omar Shroof will lead the optional Public Services Program. All instructors have been exposed to challenging strategy implementation projects in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas and have supported very successful outcomes.

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Years of Experience
Specialized Consultants
Implemented Projects

The Program covers the entire Strategy Formulation and Execution Process

  • 19 March
    Day 1
  • 20 March
    Day 2
  • 21 March
    Day 3
  • 22 March
    Day 4
  • Day 1
Module 1

The Strategy Management System of Prof. R. Kaplan & Dr. D. Norton
Understanding the 6 phases of a proven Strategy Management Circle

  • Introduction
  • The Kaplan/Norton Execution Premium Strategic Management System in 6 Phases

Module 2

Strategy Finding and Formulation
Develop the Strategy: Mission, Vision, Value Gap, Strategy Analysis and Formulation

Building the framework, Analysing the organizational environment & Formulating a consistent strategy

Module 3

Strategy translation with the Balanced Scorecard
Learning how to build each single BSC component suitable for practical use

Objectives, Measures and Targets

Exercise I
Strategy Analysis and Formulation Exercises

  • Day 2
  • Module 8
Module 4

Strategy Cascading
Making Corporate Strategy

  • Making Corporate Strategy relevant for all organizational parts
  • Vertical and horizontal alignment

00:00 - 00:00 Exercise II
Strategy Map and Measures Exercise

Module 5

Change Management & Internal Communication
Building a Strategy Focussed Organization

Module 6

Adaption of Key Process Operations
Connecting Strategy and Operations

00:00 - 00:00 Exercise IV
Exercise on Budgets and Strategic Initiatives

  • Day 3
  • Module 9
  • Module 10
  • Module 11
  • Module 12
  • Test
Module 7

Management of Strategic Initiatives
Development, Evaluation & Prioritization of Key Strategic Initiatives

Exercise III
Exercise on Initiative Management

Module 8

Risk Management Analysis, Evaluation & Monitoring
Monitoring the Process of Risk Mitigation and Strategy Execution

Exercise IV
Starbucks Business Simulation Game

Module 9

Strategy Testing and Adapting
Analysing the Strategic Hypothesis and adjusting to new developments

Module 10

The Office of Strategy Management (OSM)
Roles and Responsibilities of Strategy Officers

Making Strategy Execution Successful

00:00 - 00:00 Strategy Review to Monitor Strategy Execution

00:00 - 00:00 Exercise V
Exercise on Strategy & Initiative Management (Starbucks Business Game)

00:00 - 00:00 Lessons Learned
+ "Take Aways" for the participants

00:00 - 00:00 Final Test on Strategy Management

00:00 - 00:00 Final Test on Strategy Management

  • Day 4
Best Practice

Case Presentation at Facility

Panel Discussion

Project based learning session

Why should you attend?

Become a Certified Strategy Management Officer

  • Participants will learn about proven Strategy Management Concepts, practical Implementation steps, hands on Exercises and Best Practice Case Studies.
  • The course covers the entire Strategy Management Process from Strategy Formulation until Strategy Implementation and Adaptation.
  • The program includes 1 day of Best Practice Visits at outstanding organizations.
  • Participants will be submitted to a Certification Test designed by Strategy Management Collaborative (SMC), Brussels, the international non-profit organization founded by renowned thought leaders.
  • Participants will have lots of opportunities to exchange their Strategy Management experiences among each other, with the international Instructors Team and last but not least with Strategy Management Specialists of the Best Practice Organizations visited during the Program.

Prices for the full SMC program including Test & Certification Form plus the Strategy Best Practice visits in Germany, Coffee breaks, daily Lunch and finalizing Dinner

    • €3000.
      3 or more Participants
      • for payments until February 23st 2018
      • Easy Access
      • Printed Materials
      • Conference Tickets
    • €3460.
      1 Participant
      • for payments until February 23st 2018
      • Easy Access
      • Printed Materials
      • Conference Tickets
    • €3690.
      1 Participant
      • From February 24nd
      • Easy Access
      • Printed Materials
      • Conference Tickets

    The overall experience of this course is above of what I had expected. I would recommend this course for any strategic planner or executor.


    A fascinating training experience. It revealed new perspective on strategy management that I will benefit from in driving for business excellence at my company.


    A very informative, insightful and highly interactive program, lead by highly experienced and articulate professionals from Tantum Group. Highly recommended for all managers responsible for Strategy or its delivery.


We’re here to help

What are the topics covered during the program?

The topics covered are all the 6 principles and best practices presented as a framework by Prof. Robert Kaplan in his book Execution Premium. The practical side of it was researched in detail by SMC – Strategy Management Collaborative and by member organizations. Case studies and the application of tools are part of the program.

What experience do I have to possess in order to maximize my takeaways?

Best would be to have already some experience in strategy design and management. Participants however have experience in general management, financial accounting and performance management. The program is designed to support the development of strategy and strategy management capabilities from little experience in this area.

What kind of practical exercises do participants go through?

The program was designed to give participants 3 different types of practical experiences:

  1. Process and Best Practice Case Studies
  2. Using and Applying Tools that support Strategy Management
  3. Leading the Strategy Management Process through Business Games.

What king of background do other participants have?

Most of participants have some experience in strategy management and very often good experience in business lines or products management or public sector service management. All participants are stimulated to learn from each other experience.

Please do explain the experience participants have during the Best Practice visits?

Before the best practice visits participants will analyse the case and prepare for the visit. During the visit participants will be challenged to analyse and define a “point of view” of the best practice presented as well as will have the opportunity to design together enhancements for the presented model.

What are the takeaways from the Best Practice visits?

Takeaways are not only the best practice process, tools and organization presented but also enhancements to the model presented. Participants are stimulated to stay contact with the program participants as well as with the host of the visited Best Practice organization.

How difficult is the SMC Certification Test? How long does it take?

The test takes a maximum of 90 minutes. Participants are stimulated to analyse a strategy management situation and answer questions in writing about it. Certification will be granted for those that have at least 70% of the questions properly answered.


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